Showing Tips

Can you see the light?
Illumination in your home can be the "welcome sign" for every prospect. Turn on all of the exterior and interior lights, including accent & picture lights.

Avoid crowds.
Potential buyers will feel like intruders and want to hurry through your home if there are too many people around. Send the kids over to the neighbors or take a walk while your house is being shown.

Silence is golden.
When showing your house, turn down, or off, radios or television sets. Let the salesperson and buyers talk freely without having to yell over any noise.

Put Fido outside.
Dogs may be man's best friend, but not when showing your house. Keep pets out of the way, not underfoot.

This is not a social call.
Be courteous and friendly, but don't try to force conversation with potential buyers. They are there to inspect your house, not to be social. Let the salesperson do the talking.

This is not a garage sale.
Don't try to sell the potential buyers any of the furniture or furnishings that you don't want to take with you. They haven't even bought your house yet - you could foul up the sale.

Let the realtor do it.
Let our professional salespeople talk to the customer about selling price, terms, possession date and other factors. Our salespeople have been specially trained and have the experience to bring the negotiations on your house to a satisfactory conclusion.